Celebrate Mother's Day at Botley Dosa Park with a Feast of Love and Gratitude.
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About Us

Now Serving Authentic South Indian Breakfast

       Welcome to Botley Dosapark, a gem nestled in the heart of Botley, Oxford, where the essence of South India is brought to life through an exquisite dining experience. Our restaurant, with over 15 years of experience in the culinary arts, is dedicated to crafting an environment that is not just safe but also thoroughly enjoyable for every guest who walks through our doors.

Our passion for South Indian cuisine is reflected in the variety we offer. At Botley Dosapark, you'll find a menu brimming with choices that cater to every taste bud. From the classic, spice-laden curries that have defined South Indian food to innovative fusion dishes that marry traditional flavors with modern culinary sensibilities, our offerings are sure to enchant and satisfy.

In keeping with our inclusive philosophy, we take pride in our extensive vegan and vegetarian selections. These dishes are created with the same love and attention to detail as all our meals, ensuring that those who prefer plant-based dining are fully indulged.

The atmosphere at Botley Dosapark is one of relaxed comfort and friendly charm. Designed to be a haven where friends and family can gather, share stories, and create memories, our restaurant is as much about community as it is about food. It's a place where the warmth of our service is matched only by the warmth of our welcome.

At Botley Dosapark, we believe that a meal is more than just food on a plate; it's an experience to be cherished. Whether you're a connoisseur of South Indian cuisine or exploring these flavors for the first time, we are here to guide you on a culinary adventure that will tantalize your palate and warm your heart.

Join us at Botley Dosapark, where every meal is a celebration of South Indian culinary excellence in a setting that feels like home.